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Classic Rexx Tutorial
Language Level 4.00 (TRL-2)

Arg instruction

The ARG instruction parses procedure arguments and assigns UPPERCASE values to program variables. This instruction has the following syntax.

The ARG instruction is an abbreviated form of the following parse instruction.

Please refer to the parse instruction description for details regarding argument parsing.

Beware the ARG "gotcha" when processing byte values :

Programmer's often have a mental block whereby byte values1 such as '81'x or '61'x 2 are thought to be distinct from characters. This can lead to head-banging bugs that are difficult to solve. For example:

The problem is corrected as follows:

1 Hexadecimal literals in Rexx.

2 '81'x and '61'x are lower case "a" in EBCDIC and Ascii respectively.

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Last updated on: 11 Apr 2006