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The software product that can secure your important files from being copied.

Files that are secured by FileConfidante!™ are unusable when copied to other computer systems.

You can prepare files for distribution FileConfidante!™ in Microsoft® Windows® 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

FileConfidante!™ secures important files, that you distribute to other individuals,
who are using Microsoft® Windows® NT/2000/XP -- but not Windows ® 95/98/ME.

FileConfidante!™ Benefits:

Easy to use -- GUI-driven
Secured files can be distributed on diskettes, CDs, DVDs, or downloaded zip files.
Files on copied media are unusable
Optional password protection
Optional expiration date protection

FileConfidante!™ can be use to secure:

Text filesNotepad®
Rich text filesWordpad®

How FileConfidante!™ Works:

Secured files are encrypted on your system.
An internet-based pre-installation process prepares a secure key for the target system 1.
Secured files are decrypted on the target system,
by a supervising program that verifies the target system's key.
After the key is verified, the supervising program starts a viewer 2 for decrypted files.
Decrypted files are automatically removed, after viewing.

1 The technology used to prepare a secure key is described in US Patent: 6,587,842.

2 Other applications can process decrypted files, not just viewers.

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Don't let your important files get away !

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